Art of the Second Generation: Beyond Fact and Fiction


ISBN: 981-05-4371-9
Published in 2005

Published in conjunction with the exhibition of the curated section of the Singapore Art Show 2005, and organised by the National Arts Council in partnership with NAFA, Art of the Second Generation features recent works by 10 artists whose contributions highlight their relevance and vibrancy in Singapore art today. Artists of that generation started practicing in the late 50s and 60s, following their education in the tradition of NAFA and its foremost pioneers, such as Chen Wen Hsi and Cheong Soo Pieng. Among others, the works of Anthony Poon, Chieu Shuey Fook, Eng Tow and Tay Chee Toh engage in the fundamental principles of artistic expression and art-making. The artists of their time explored medium and thought in innovative and meaningful ways and that they continue to practice today, testifies to their dedication and an infinite and involved dialogue with art.