perceive emptiness 又一山人: 觀空


ISBN: 978-981-07-8794-3
Published in 2014

Born in 1960 in Hong Kong, Stanley Wong (who is known as "anothermountainman 又一山人") is a renowned designer and contemporary artist. A graduate from Hong Kong Technical Teachers' College (Design & Technology), he is the recipient of more than 500 Asian and international awards for his art, design, photography and advertising works. Wong is also very passionate about photography, focusing on social issues, and heavily involved in the education of design and fine art. In recent years, he has incorporated his studies of Buddhism into his artworks as a personal mission to spread dharma for hope of world equality and harmony.

perceive emptiness features a selection of works and concepts summing up a masterful summary of the artist's creative journey. Specially designed and sewn bound, this book also includes an introductory essay by Ms Bridget Tracy Tan, Director of the Institute of Southeast Asian Arts and Art Galleries, NAFA, contributions by Alicia Lin and Leung Man Tao, and an afterword by the artist himself.