Beauty Unbound: Nanyang Anew in Sarawak


ISBN: 978-981-07-1809-1
Published in 2012

Published in conjunction with the exhibition, Beauty Unbound showcases a selection of over 20 works by various artists who graduated from NAFA between the 1950s to 1980s. It was the fruitful outcome of a painting trip to Kuching in 2011, led by Mr Poh Choon Ann, Vice Chairman of NAFA Board and Club NAFA President. 15 artists visited the indigenous villages of Bidayuh and Iban among others. Upon their return, the artists created about 40 works of art using watercolour, Chinese ink, oils, acrylic paint and mixed media.

The exhibition, "Beauty Unbound: Nanyang Anew in Sarawak", was jointly organised by Club NAFA and NAFA. It featured all the works from the painting trip and was staged in both Singapore and Kuching.