Light permeates the wounds: Hoang Duong Cam


Light permeates the wounds: Hoang Duong Cam

ISBN: 978-981-94-0014-0
Published in 2024

Light permeates the wounds is a story that illuminates Vietnam through the lens of an artist and his creative practice. Hoang Duong Cam’s work draws inspiration from elements of literature, music, photography and painting, transcending artistic boundaries. While history is a reminder of past tragedies and complexities, it can also offer hope. Hoang’s art broadens our understanding of disruption, brokenness and creative impetus, resilience that emerges from experiences that compel us to imagine a better world, to help us heal, to make this world better.

The book begins with a thoughtful introduction by Dr Bridget Tracy Tan and showcases a selection of 20 works by the  Vietnamese artist accompanied by his writings.