On This Stone, We Will Build An Art School


ISBN: 978-981-14-4854-6
Published in 2020

Singapore-born visual artist Tang Da Wu, whose oeuvre includes drawings, paintings, large scale installations and performance art, is known for his thought provoking work, contextual art-making and his mission to nurture and mentor the next generation.

This volume consists of 3 parts that offer an insightful look into Da Wu's practice that delve into questions on the significance of art and art making. The first section comprises of original writings by esteemed writers Tamares Goh, Teo Han Wue, Lai Chee Kien and C. J. W.-L. Wee. This is followed by an introduction and curatorial texts written by Bridget Tracy Tan as well as images of the double-bill exhibitions, Hak Tai's Bow, Brother's Pool and Our Children (2017) and Sembawang: The D. D. Land and Sembagraphie (2019) staged at the academy’s galleries. The third section captures documentation of workshops, seminars and performances through photographs and audio transcripts.